What does Essential Ritual mean?

We  believe that we live in  a habit - driven society by nature. The habits that you acquire significantly impact your day-to-day routine. We aim to challenge our consumers to restructure their habits by making health and wellness an essential part of their daily ritual.

How long does your juice last?

Our products are best if consumed within 3 days. Juices started to lose nutritional value after 3 days, However, juices may be consumed a Maximum of 5 days. 

Would you recommend freezing the Juice?

Yes, this is a great way to preserve the juice! Freezing our products is perfectly safe, and does not compromise the taste or nutritional value of the product. 

What areas are you offering delivery to?

We are currently delivering to the following cities: Dallas ( North, Downtown, Uptown, and surrounding areas), Addison, Arlington, Richardson, Plano, Lewisville, Irving, Desoto, Euless, and Frisco

Is Essential Ritual Juice available for purchase in stores, and or restaurants?

Yes! Essential Ritual Juice is available for In store purchase and pre-order pick up at Lucky You Tattoo!

309 Centre St. 
Dallas, TX 75208