About Us

About Our Company:

Essential Ritual Juice is a small home-grown juice company that serves the Dallas Metropolitan area. We specialize in creating fresh cold-pressed juices and immunity boosting shots. We believe that everyone has a daily ritual. Our goal is to create an enhanced lifestyle and culture through juicing and positivity, that becomes an essential element of our consumers’ “new” everyday ritual. Our company’s mantra is “Juice. Boost. Restore”. We aim to provide products that enhance the health of our consumers, while sending positive affirmations that stimulate personal growth and hosting events that boost our consumers mentally and emotionally. The goal is to restore and redefine the mental and nutritional health of our juicing family!

Our Promise:

Our company values honesty, integrity, and outstanding customer service. We only use organic ingredients, and all of our juices are naturally sweetened with no additives. Every ingredient is listed, and the health benefits of these ingredients is shared with you so that you are able to understand what you are consuming and how these ingredients are working within your body. We welcome feedback and we love to hear from our customers! We respond to all emails within 24 hours.